Winter is almost over.

March 6, 2014 Posted by Robert Ardary

We here at Dog River Bees and Brews hope that your bees have survived the past winter. The 10 day forecast shows in low of 39 in about a week. The rest of the weather will be warm. It may be warm enough to go into your hives for a quick look or to move your queen down into the brood box. Before you go into your hives you may want t o ensure that the temperature is 65 and rising.

If your bees have been out earlier this spring, you may have noticed them bringing in red pollen. This should be from the red maples in the area. We have seen both red and yellow pollen.

For those who actually follow us, we lost one hive to the winter. The bees absconded and left no forwarding address. We lost a queen in another hive. Eggs from a healthy hive were added to try and save the colony. We will keep you posted.

We will have a quick bee class Saturday the 15th to help the beginners. If the weather is warm enough, we will go into a hive  in have a look around. This is a Bee 102 class, so be sure to bring a jacket and vial and a chair.

See you at the MCBA meeting the 8th at 10. Email us if you need additional information.

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