Wine Making Kits & Ingredients

November 15, 2013 Posted by Robert Ardary

Wine Making Kits & Ingredients can be found at Dog River Bees and Brews.

Dog River Bees and Brews offers a wealth of has wine kits & ingredients. Our Wine Making Kits include:

  • Wine MakingWhite Zinfandel (Blush wine with sweet plum flavors and a refreshing, flavorful finish)
  • Australia Shiraz (Offers lush berry aromas that beg for a hearty whiff. A wine of ripe fullness, its concentrated blackberry fruits and fragrant spiciness)
  • Sauvignon Blanc (Full-bodied and dry with a crisp clean finish)
  • Red Zinfandel (Red wine with sweet flavors and a refreshing, flavorful finish)
  • Pinot Noir (Has a velvety flavor that is met with a fullness of aroma resembling black currants)
  • Cabernet Sauvignon (The King of reds. Bold, deep character; age for maximum benefits)
  • Riesling (Light, refreshing and well Balanced. Smooth and easy to drink)
  • European Merlot (Full, fruity intensity, deep in color with black cherry and berry aromas)
  • Cabernet Merlot
  • Tropical Riesling

Wine Making Information

If you are an avid wine drinker you owe it to yourself to try your hand at wine making. With our wine making kits it is so easy and takes the guesswork out of the equation. With just a little effort and patience you will be making and consuming your own wines. Your friends will be so jealous while they are literally enjoying the fruits of your labor.

The wine making kits, found at Dog River Bees and Brews in Mobile Alabama, have all of the ingredients necessary to get you going. Dog River Bees and Brews also sell many accessories to make you look and feel like you have been making wine for years. We offer bottles, corks, testing kits, etc…

Come on down and visit us. We are located just south of the Dog River bridge in Mobile, Alabama. We will demonstrate our kits, provide tips and support, and do our best to answer all of your questions.


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