Honey Harvest Time

May 29, 2014 Posted by Robert Ardary

It is about that time to harvest the honey from your bees. Some beekeepers may have already begun which is acceptable. If you have started a colony this year you may not be able to harvest honey until the end of the fall honey season. Remember the bees required about 100 pounds of honey to make it through a long winter. If you live in the north, the amount of honey needed to survive a long winter may be more. On the gulf coast of Alabama, one could get by with 60 pounds, but that may be pushing it.

There are several things to remember in harvesting your honey. The first  and most important is cleanliness. Many beekeepers have a “clean” room or extraction room they use to remove the honey from the comb and bottle the honey. Whereas, honey is one of those foods that do not need processing to make it safe, honey can still be contaminated. An unclean extraction room or allowing critters other than bees access to the honey can and will contaminate it.

The second thing to remember is that you are taking the excess food from the bees. They will not be happy at the prospects of some giant pulling the roof of their house and stealing their honey. Think what you would do if someone came into your house to steal your food. Dress appropriately and take frequent breaks. The honey is not worth a heat stroke. Drink plenty of NON-caffeinated beverages and leave that beer alone until you finish in the bee yard. These products will cause you to urinate the vital fluids  trying to keep the body cool.

Get help if lifting a 100 pound box of honey is a difficult task



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