June 29, 2014 Posted by Robert Ardary

Everyone, Please welcome Jill to our Staff. Jill will be taking over the store and day to day operations of Dog River bees and Brews Supplies. As some of you may know, I have good news. After being out of work for the past eight months and with dwindling funds, I have found employment so as to keep a roof over our heads and keep the store open. The bad news is the job is in Jackson, Mississippi.

David will continue to handle the bees and go on bee calls. He was already heading up the care and maintenance of DRB&B’s colonies. As for selling you the supplies you need, Jill will be handling the sells.

One last bit of news, because I am working in Jackson and the particular project on which I am working may require that I stay over on weekends, The new store hours will be Tuesday through Saturday. We will be closed Sunday and Monday.We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. As always if you have any questions about beekeeping you may call me at 251-259-3255. I may not be in a position to answer the phone, but I will return your call.


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