Dog River Beekeeper Training Schedule

All of our classes are free and offer a 10% store discount (when purchase is within 30 days of class attendance). Our classes are held at our store. You are encouraged to bring a notebook and pen/pencil, a lawn chair, and an eager attitude to learn.

Class Schedule:

To be discussed and instructed include:

  • Equipment Needs (2 hives)
  • Hive Setup
  • Queen Mgmt Discussion
  • Bee Identification/Discussion
  • Feeder Management
  • Hive Maintenance & Winterizing

To be discussed will be tried and tested procedures for best
procedures to follow for hive maintenance,  what to be watching for,
dealing with hive pests, and proper procedures for winterizing your
hive for the winter months.

 To reserve your spot in a class, please call our store at 251-401-2690 and reserve your spot.

You can also register by email by clicking here.