Beekeeping Services offered by Dog River Bees and Brews include, but are not limited to the following:


Beekeeping Services 1:
Queen and Bee Pack Ordering

Let us order your queens and bee packs.
We order 3 lb packs which include a queen and
10-12 thousand bees.

Beekeeping Services 2:
Beehive Management Advisory Service

We offer beehive consultation and advice to the
novice and expert beekeeper. We will visit your hives
or you can come to us.

Beekeeping Services 3:
Setup & Maintenance PlansBeekeeping Services

We will build, setup, and maintain your beehives for you. This is a valuable service for the beginning
beekeeper to ensure proper setup and to help ensure establishment of a healthy hive.

Beekeeping Services 4:
Pollination ServiceBeekeeping Services

For farmers looking to pollinate their crops (fruit and vegetable). We will set up enough hives to ensure proper pollination coverage. This is determined by the amount of acreage that has been planted.



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